Activity Guide

Download the Ottawa Japanese Cultural Activity Guide Spring-Summer 2019, Volume 2

OJCA & OJCC Activities

Pressed Flower Card Workshop

After a summer of drying and pressing interesting flowers and leaves, the OJCC Programs Committee holds its annual fall pressed flower card workshop. These beautiful cards are individually unique and easy to make.

Japanese Craft Workshops

Japanese craft workshops are held throughout the year featuring a variety of Japanese crafts such as sushi fridge magnets, emporer and empress dolls, kimono cards, hashi-oki (chopstick rests) and many others.

Craft Sales

Hand-made items crafted at our workshops are sold at annual events like Mochitsuki and the Tulip Festival. In addition, many volunteers from our community make crafts at home in their spare time.

Japanese Cooking Classes

Our cooking classes provide an easy introduction to Japanese cuisine. Our expert instructor, Emi Buzza, creates delicious dishes that are easy to make as family meals. Her recipes are based on the food Japanese wives prepare for their families, while ensuring the ingredients are available in Ottawa. The classes include participation in preparing the recipes, sampling the dishes, and receiving copies of the recipes to take home and try.

Fundraiser Luncheons

The OJCC Programs Committee puts on fundraising luncheons featuring delicious dishes such as curry rice, udon, spareribs and chow mein, to name a few. The money raised goes towards funding the operation of the Ottawa Japanese Cultural Centre.